Irena Gracin


The path of yoga brought me back to my true nature. For me yoga is love, passion, intensity of colors, tastes, perfumes, life. My first encounter with yoga, was instant attraction, recognition, respect and gratitude, after that everything was a natural stream and it continues to flow. Personal transformation, life changes, personal growth, yoga took me apart on all levels, put me back together and simply makes me a better and more complete person.

I can confirm from my experience that as soon as you change yourself, everything around you magically falls into place, very simply if you really let awareness and wisdom of life guide you.

I turned my love for movement, dance, creative expression and a more conscious and deeper understanding of things and life into yoga practice, yoga is an act of love, every time it elevates me to higher spheres, I indulge in free flight, it releases something wonderful in me, an oasis of peace, a smile on my face, a full heart, I simply feel it :) I try to convey such energy and principle in my classes.

I am grateful to my teachers Marco and Petra Bianco and to all the wonderful people with whom I have the privilege of sharing this skill.

I graduated from the Pink Elephant Yoga Institute in 2017, RYT 300 and Yin yoga RYT 50 (Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier).

For me, yoga is a way of life, daily improvement, further work and growth is what brings me back to the beginning of the mat.