Čejen Černić


Čejen Černić, a film and TV director by profession, has been involved in sports and physical activity since she was a child, and she resisted yoga for a long time, thinking that it was some kind of stretching and boring breathing for older ladies.

The first meeting happened by chance (?), with vinyasa style, in a fitness center, and then the teacher there, Antonela Horvat, sent her to the Pink Elephant Yoga House, where she soon fell in love with Ashtanga, pranayama, philosophy... in 2016 completes TT 300, under the guidance of Marco and Petra Bianco, and in the same year 40 hours of assistance training in the First Series of Ashtanga with David Swenson. Through workshops, literature and (most importantly) personal ashtanga Mysore practice with teachers Marco and Petra Bianco, she learns daily with gratitude, love and respect, and tries to pass on what she has learned. Yoga is woven into all aspects of life as a path of constant change, constant learning and searching.