Petra Bianco


Petra grew up in a yogic environment in Zagreb as her parents were practicing and teaching Yoga back in eighties. They are her great inspiration and her first yoga teachers. In 2001, when she was working worldwide as a successful professional model, yoga became her daily practice, helping her to balance between worldly life under reflectors of fashion industry and her intimate nature of yearning for connection from within.

Very soon she realized yogic path is her life calling and after finishing her carrier in 2010 she decided to enroll in teacher training program in Rishikesh and started teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa method on a daily basis. Today she is studying Ashtanga Vinyasa system under a guidance of her beloved teacher Eddie Stern who also introduced her with power of mantra chanting and puja performance. In 2012 her strong passion for pranayama practice brought her to study under the guidance and tradition of her great teacher, O.P.Tiwari, one of the few living masters in India teaching pranayama practice in a traditional way. With his blessing, guidance and yearly extensive education in pranayama teacher training program in Kaivalydhama Yoga Institute of India, she became the first registered pranayama teacher of this tradition in Croatia. Every year she is going back to Kaivalydhama to continue her studies with Tiwariji and his son Sudhir. She is a passionate TM meditator and today she is very grateful to her meditation master and guide Ananda Vdovic, amazing woman and well-known meditation teacher and musician, for guiding her on the path of self discovery since she was a teenager. In early 2012, together with her husband Marco, she opened the Pink Elephant Yoga House, well known house for Yoga in Croatia and developed one of the most complete teacher training program taught today in Zagreb and Rijeka called Pink Elephant Yoga Institute. Beside teaching in Pink Elephant and other places, she is a passionate traveler, philanthropist and sociologist by profession who loves to share her energy with people around the globe. Petra teachings are based on a deep understanding of all aspects of yoga: anatomical, philosophical and experiential. She is putting a lot of attention on traditional approach in teaching Ashtanga method, classical pranayama and Sutras and mantra chanting. She works a lot with mindful hands-on adjustments and energy transfer, breath and bandha work by focusing the attention of students towards their own personal experience and discoveries.