A weekly meditation development program for meditators, yoga practitioners, astrologers, those with a keen interest in astrology, and any enthusiast who would like to use meditation to expand consciousness and receive knowledge from within.

Feel free to join for selected meditations or the complete program.


The solar system's nine planets make an amazing ensemble of balance, grace, and beauty - a perpetual dance around the Sun that always has interested human beings and influenced life on Earth. We can recognize and observe the planets in the sky, but most of us are unaware of their importance in the cycles of nature. 


The five planets closest to Earth are visible to the naked eye, and that's why they were observed, studied, and respected from the dawn of men.
 But all the nine planets were already known thousands of years ago. Ancient cultures attributed them some special powers, and they were associated with gods of which they still bear the name.
 Astrology studies their influence on our character. Jyotish, the Vedic astrology also related to yoga, studies precisely the position of the planets in space at the moment of birth and its influence on a person's physical and psychological constitution.


Each week, you will experience a guided meditation to gain direct experience and understanding of each planet. Direct experience of each planetary energy will serve you to solve old patterns, heal forgotten wounds, and expand your consciousness.

Expanding consciousness means having a broader view of our existence, being able to perceive more, be more creative, receptive, and focused on our life purpose. 

It is like seeing beautiful Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tour instead of seeing it from the ground.
 Meditation is our lift to the top of the Eiffel tour of our life.





This program is suitable for the following:


  • For those who would like to develop meditative skills to attune to the highest qualities of each planet


  • For those who want to understand better the role of each planet in their life


  • For those who would like to experience the harmony of the planetary energies within their being


  • For those who want to tap into the most harmonious planetary qualities in their daily life


  • For those who would like to understand their astrology chart better by simply learning the language of astrology not from the books but from their own experience



A short lecture precedes every meditation and will prepare our rational minds to be relaxed and let the process happen without interference.


All the meditations will be recorded, so you can use them whenever you need. You will have a lifetime access to this program. Repeated application of each meditation is a valuable and powerful tool that encourages a natural harmony of the planetary energies within your being. It helps you solve and heal different aspects of your physical and psychological life. 







The course is divided into two parts.
 The first part includes
 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, and Mars. The second part includes 
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.



The program occurs once a week, online, Thursdays from 20.45-22.00 CET time. All classes will be recorded and available for you to watch afterward.





15 June 2023



Mercury is connected with our ground structure, the bones. 
It is also related to significant events in our past, something that might have affected our health, deep feelings, or emotions.
This meditation helps heal or keep our bone system healthy and leads us to recall past events to restore lost balance safely.





22 June 2023



Venus is related to our heart and circular system. On a subtle plan, Venus is connected with relationships, especially those that contain deep emotions. After a profound relaxation, we will heal and balance our hearts and relationships.






29 June 2023



Our planet is related to the air, the breathing system, and the force of gravity. All of them are fundamental to our life.
The Breath is our life force, and we often use conscious breathing to restore balance and re-center. Staying centered is also a matter of balance, and balance is related to gravity. Through the force of gravity and the power of the Earth, in this specific meditation, we will find stable grounding and perfect balance to make the best decisions and choices in life.





6 July 2023



We will balance our endocrine/hormonal system with the moon's energy. The endocrine system releases different hormones in the blood when we feel different emotions. By balancing it, we can balance our emotions, especially fear. Sometimes fear can save our life, but very often, fear is the cause of inappropriate and unbalancing behavior in life. Lies are based on fear, and in this meditation, we will discover and resolve different fears hidden behind our habit of lying. 
"This is one small step for man but a giant leap for mankind."





13 July 2023




The energy of Mars is in connection with our muscular system.
In this meditation, by properly channeling this energy, we will work on the sense of guilt and transform what we have considered a failure into a success. This work can help change preconceptions, habits, and rigid attitudes that prevent our inner growth.








28 September 2023  




The center of the body is in our belly. Many traditions consider the belly the source of our power. It is also known as the alternate brain or the source of pure ideas and intuition. The energy of Jupiter is connected with the center of the body and with the power that resides in our belly. Through this meditation, we will heal any unbalance in the belly area and experience the creation of pure ideas.



05 October 2023




The energy of Saturn is considered one of the most potent energies of the cosmos. As with any potent energy, it has to be handled with care.
We will connect with this energy through deep relaxation and melt deep fears that are still conditioning our behavior.



12 October 2023




All the spiritual paths consider that what our eyes can see is only the gross manifestation of our being. In this great meditation, we will experience the perception of the luminous body of ourselves and others to be aware of how we can effectively use our life's energy.



19 October 2023




Everyone knows how powerful words are and how we can constructively or destructively use them. However, some words have an innate power and, when pronounced, even mentally, can produce profound benefits. With Neptune's energy, we will discover one of these magic words and use it for our good.



26 October 2023




Ancient culture knew Pluto and its position in the solar system much before its official discovery in 1930. Pluto is ambiguously considered. Sometimes the scientific community says that it's a planet. Other times, the same community "relegates" it to the class of moons. 
Its ambiguous position represents very well the ambiguity of humanity itself. Pluto is connected with the collective Consciousness.
In this meditation that concludes the cycle, we will be aware of the power of the collective Consciousness during human history and experience the power of our Consciousness.








One session  /  35 euro 


Set of five sessions  /  140 euro  


Set of ten sessions  /  220 euro  



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Born and raised in Italy, Marco dedicated his life to the wisdom of Yoga by spreading it to people around the world. In 2005 he moved to Croatia, where he was invited to teach, and soon afterward, he developed the first Croatian teacher training program in Nava studio according to the high international standards of the European Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance, and International Yoga Federation. In 2012, he opened the well-known yoga place Pink Elephant Yoga House and, with his wife, created a new program for yoga teachers called Pink Elephant Yoga Institute and a three-year program called School of Consciousness dedicated to the practice of yogic philosophy. Today he lives in Zagreb, taking care of different schools and programs dedicated to yogic education in Croatia and Italy. He is the advisor for Croatia at the European Yoga Council, delegate of the European Yoga Federation, and international advisor of the World Yoga Council.


He met Eastern philosophies very young in the late ’80s through Buddhist meditation. Since then, in his rich life experience, he has had the opportunity to meet and work with many great teachers of many different traditions. Besides Marco's excellent knowledge of the asana practice and anatomy of the human body, he is a passionate meditator, a Vedic meditation teacher and a philosophy scholar in the field of Patanjali Yoga Sutras.