Shakti Mantra meditation is the traditional Vedic form of meditation passed from a teacher to a student through an ancient lineage of yogic masters for thousands of years. This meditation came to our times in its pure and untouched form. Today, it is an evidence-based technique, an enjoyable life tool anyone can easily master. 


Through a lineage of many great masters and yogis, the knowledge was passed on to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who developed the world movement of Transcendental Meditation. Through him, the knowledge came to our teacher Ananda Vdovic, a well-known spiritual master, singer, and artist who has taught meditation around the world to thousands of people. Marco and Petra received training from her, and since then, they have been sharing the knowledge of Shakti Mantra meditation. Our mission is to support your personal growth in a non-dogmatic way - through direct personal experience guiding you to embrace your fullest potential. 






Through an ancient Vedic ceremony, every participant will receive their own personal sacred sound or mantra and will learn to meditate with it. Mantra is a sacred sound of power that can bring us deep into our inmost being. Meditating with the mantra internally draws the mind into the blissful silence of our true essence, leading us to states of deep transcendence and inner harmony.


It is a very powerful tool that has a beautiful, life-changing effect on every person and can bring a positive change in life within just a short time of regular practice. The most evident effect of this traditional technique is the release of stress and its substitution with joy, energy, clarity, creativity, and a long-term change in every aspect of one's life. Pre-knowledge is not required, and the entire process of learning is very simple as meditation itself. This meditation requires no concentration or effort – it is easy to master and highly effective.





Our entire experience of life is colored through the filter of the mind. The mind can be compared to the ocean. On the surface, there are ripples of thoughts. In the depths, there is a quiet, unconscious mind that stores stresses and impressions. 

According to science, these stresses or memories automatically run most of our behavior. And also lead us to unpleasant emotions like anger, sorrow, fear, depression, etc. Stress is just an impurity of the mind. 

On the bottom of the ocean is your real nature, the Self, Absolute, Infinity, Being (Plato), Kingdom of Heaven (Christ), Brahman, Atman, Tao (Chinese), Nirvana (Buddha), unchanging, perfect and divine part of you, that is full of energy, peace, intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm, bliss, and love. People search for joy outside, but their Self is the source of all joy.


In Shakti meditation we use the power of mantra to take us to the Self, dive in, get in touch, experience a state of eternal bliss and happiness, and then naturally remove some stresses. When your mind is pure, you start manifesting the qualities of the Self. Your intelligence, focus, and inner talents develop, thinking becomes clear,  addictions disappear, intuition grows, health improves, etc. 

Shakti meditation is not a set of beliefs, a philosophy, or a religion. It’s a scientific way to manifest your fullest physical, mental, and spiritual potential.





Recent scientific studies have proved the effect of meditation on the human organism. It has been noticed that during the meditative state, the brain releases a pattern of brainwaves that is unknown in every other human activity. This particular combination of waves is the cause of the positive response of the organism, which releases important hormones like serotonin responsible for a whole state of well-being. This study is significant because it states that meditation can also be seen apart from any mystical context, even if modern science just confirms what was already present in the ancient Vedic times.


If you want to know more about evidence-based studies on meditation, please check this link:








13 / 14 May 2023


free intro online talk on 4th of May at 20.30 CET 


The course is taught live & online in 3 sessions within two days. The live course is happening in DharmaPINK studio, Pavla Hatza 10, Zagreb. It is important to follow live sessions in person or online through the Zoom application. 

The intro talk is organized for you to know us better, ask questions or feel if this is the right course for you. If you would like to join, please send an email, and we will come back to you with a zoom link.



Saturday 13.5.2023


14.00 - 17.30 CET - Session 1 


Sunday 14.5.2023


9:00 - 11:30 CET - Session 2


12.00 - 13.00 CET - Session 3


The meditation course will be held in croatian/english. It is necessary to follow all sessions. Recordings will be available for a certain time if you want to refresh your knowledge.


Please prepare a flower, fruit, and white handkerchief for the initiation ceremony. You will receive more details after we receive your registration.


If you are following online, please prepare a cushion, warm clothes or blanket, and a notebook to write down details of lectures.









You can reserve your place by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have any personal inquiries, please feel free to contact us. 



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* You can transfer your course fee over Paypal if it's easier. 


* 10% discount for 300-hour and 600-hour students of Pink Elephant Yoga Institute


* if you are currently facing financial challenges, feel free to inform us, and we will do our best to assist you.











Born and raised in Italy, Marco dedicated his life to the wisdom of Yoga by spreading it to people around the world. In 2005 he moved to Croatia where he was invited to teach and soon afterwards he developed the first Croatian teacher training program in Nava studio according to the high international standards of the European Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance, and International Yoga Federation. In 2012, he opened the well known yoga place Pink Elephant Yoga House and, together with his wife, created a new program for yoga teachers called Pink Elephant Yoga Institute as well as a three-year program called School of Consciousness dedicated to the practice of yogic philosophy. Today he lives in Zagreb, taking care of different schools and programs dedicated to yogic education in Croatia and Italy. He is the advisor for Croatia at the European Yoga Council, delegate of the European Yoga Federation, and international advisor of the World Yoga Council.


He met eastern philosophies very young in the late ’80s through Buddhist meditation. Since then, in his rich life experience, he has had the opportunity to meet and work with many great teachers of many different traditions, such as Iyengar Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga.  In the nineties, he received his education in yoga from Carlo Patrian, the teacher who, after spending many years in India in contact with the most renowned yoga teachers of the 19th and 20th centuries, was the first person who brought yoga to Italy in the ’60s. Besides Marco's excellent knowledge of the asana practice and anatomy of the human body, he is a passionate meditator, Mantra meditation teacher to many students and yoga teachers, and a philosophy scholar in the field of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. 







Petra grew up in a yogic environment in Zagreb, as her parents practiced and taught yoga in the eighties. In 2001, when she was working worldwide as a successful professional model, yoga became her daily practice, helping her to balance worldly life in the fashion industry and her intimate nature of yearning for connection from within. Very soon, she understood the yogic path was her life calling and enrolled in a teacher training program in Rishikesh with Kamal Singh and Sunil Sharma and started teaching the Ashtanga method daily. In 2012, with her husband Marco, she opened the Pink Elephant Yoga House, a well-known house for Yoga in Croatia, and developed 300 hours and 600 hours teacher training program taught in Zagreb, Rijeka, and worldwide.


Petra is a passionate meditator and certified Mantra meditation teacher very grateful to her guide Ananda Vdovic, a well-known meditation teacher, painter, and musician, for guiding her on the path of self-discovery since she was a teenager. Her interest in yogic philosophy brought her to study with Dr.Rajani Pradhan, with whom she is studying Sanskrit, particularly the chanting of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. She is currently dedicated to a Wellness Coaching Program specializing in feminine form healing arts, particularly Ayurveda and Tantra, folk herbology, contemporary neuroscience, somatic psychology, and functional medicine.


Her intense passion for breath work brought her to study under the guidance and tradition of O.P. Tiwari, one of the few living masters in India teaching pranayama practice in a traditional way. With his blessing, guidance, and extensive yearly education in the pranayama teacher training program at Kaivalydhama Yoga Institute of India, in 2015, she became Croatia's first registered pranayama teacher. Besides pranayama, she is studying the Ashtanga system with Eddie Stern.


Besides teaching, Petra is a newborn mum, yoga conference organizer, and sociologist by profession who loves to share her energy with people around the globe. Today her way of teaching is mainly oriented toward classical pranayama and different aspect of working with Prana Shakti. In teaching Ashtanga and therapeutic Hatha yoga, she works a lot with mindful hands-on adjustments and energy transfer, breath, and bandha work by focusing students' attention on their personal experiences and discoveries.