A monthly masterclass development program for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and for any yoga enthusiast with pranayama experience to deepen their practice.


Classical yoga teachings often warn about the delicacy of pranayama practice without the guidance of an experienced teacher. Petra decided to hold space for more advanced practitioners familiar with Pranayama basics who would like to move further into their experience or establish regular pranayama Sadhana.


Here is your chance to continue to build your practice with me and rediscover those beautiful teachings.


This program is suitable for:


  • Students who attended Pranayama Intensives modules with Petra Bianco in the past few years


  • Graduates of The Pink Elephant Yoga Institute 300-hour and 600-hour teacher training program


  • Any yoga teacher or therapist who would like to experience knowledge on Pranayama in the tradition of Kaivalyadhama Institute


  • Any enthusiastic yoga practitioner with some experience in various pranayama techniques





The program takes place once a month, online, on Sunday from 9.00-11.00 CET time. All classes will be recorded and available for you to watch afterward.


22 January 2023


12 February 2023


12 March 2023


16 April 2023


21 May 2023


11 June 2023




One masterclass  /  30 euro 


Set of six masterclasses  /  150 euro  


Set of five masterclasses  /  130 euro  


You can reserve your place by writing to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Payments can be made to the account:


IBAN: HR8124020061100748459



ROZI SLON d.o.o.

Gunduliceva 63

10000 Zagreb

indication: pranayama advanced + name and surname of the student





Petra awakened her love for the practice of Pranayama through her mother, Suzana Friganović, who has been teaching breathing techniques since the early 1990s. In search of a teacher who would purposefully provide her with knowledge of this delicate yogic discipline, in 2012, she met O.P. Tiwari, an old-caliber teacher of Indian yogis and one of the world's leading authorities in Pranayama. Since then, she has been deeply committed to this practice by yearly going to Kaivalyadhama Institute in India, a pioneer Institute in scientific research in Yoga. 
In 2015, she completed the extensive TTC program for a pranayama teacher and is currently a three-year advanced TTC student under the guidance of O.P. Tiwari and his son Sudhir Tiwari. They give her great support in personal pranayama practice, teaching, and supporting others.
In addition to Pranayama, she is a sociologist by profession, dedicated to the Ashtanga system, loves yoga philosophy, and teaches Patanjali Yoga Sutra chanting. She runs Pink Elephant Yoga House with her husband Marco, an eminent yoga school in Zagreb. She is a co-creator and director of PEYI TTC educational programs for yoga teachers in Zagreb and Rijeka.